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There is an old saying “There are no atheists in foxholes” is an aphorism used to argue that in times of extreme stress or fear, such as in war, all people will believe in, or hope for, a higher power.  In survival you got to have faith in your heavenly father no matter what your outcome is.

I thought I would come up with acronym to go with it of commonly over looked survival skills.


F – Foraging: No guarantee you will catch wild game every day.

A – Awareness: Situational Awareness of your surroundings.

I – Improvise: Ability to make anything work for the need at hand

T – Time Management: Properly manage your time from sun up to sun set.

H – Hygiene: Hygiene & sanitation keeping clean.



Imagination, Think Outside the Box




Improvise (Imagination) Think Outside the Box

The US Army has an acronym S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L.

S- Size up the situation
U- Use all your senses
R- Remember where you are
V- Vanquish fear and panic
I- Improvise
V-Value living
A- Act like the natives
L- Live by your wits, but for now learn basic skills

The letter I from the acronym above is the topic of this post.

In a true survival situation everything becomes a resource.  Like the old saying goes “One persons trash is another person treasure” Your ability to re-purpose, reuse, improvise and use your imagination will play a major factor in your outcome.  Having gear is great but once the intended purpose of it is compromised its improvising with that gear that can save you.  Having the knowledge to improvise and make all the tools you need from the wild, known as primitive survival should never take back seat to modern gear mentality.  For the prepper on a budget improvising gear and tools may be your only option.  In survival its not the most expensive gear or the best looking, its what ever you got on hand and the ability to use it.  You have to get into a “MacGyver” mindset.

It is the writers opinion that everyone should learn bushcraft skills and practice regularly.  Knowing is half the battle.


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ITEM is an acronym that will help you foraging


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ITEM is an acronym that will help you foraging

I – Identify
Make sure it’s the right plant

T – Time of Year
Is it the appropriate stage
for the time of the year

E – Environment
Plant is growing where it
should be / pollutant free

M – Method of Preparation
Preparation to make
plant edible

If you follow these rules you will have nothing to worry about.


Bugging Out? Why Not Use Abandoned Railroad


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Bugging Out? Why Not Use Abandoned Railroad


DISCLAIMER: Legally the railroad has jurisdiction for 20 feet on each side of the tracks and therefore you could be prosecuted for trespassing.

Roads will be dangerous to travel after SHTF.  Consider an alternative old abandoned railroads.  There are lots of them, Do you know how to locate them?  The following are a few way to look.


2. 1948 edition of Rand McNally & Company’s Railroad Atlas of the United States

If no abandoned railroads in your area consider a regular railroad.

You can get a map at or

Use Google Maps or Mapquest to plan your trip


The idea to write this came to me because I live next to the tracks and the town I work at has an abandoned railroad across the street from were I work.  

by Prepare4Survival



The most startling thing was it was so UNEXPECTED. One day normal the next day total chaos.


This is a dream of when the SHTF.  I know its just a dream but maybe just maybe its prophetic and hints at our soon to come future.  Think of it what you may,  pray for understanding and strength in the coming war.


Now 3-23-14

Last night, I had a dream about missiles coming out of the ground, shooting into the air. They were white and blue tipped with a couple of stripes on the bottom, like blue stripes around the bottom of the white long body. I see them as huge missiles. I saw them coming out of many places, mostly desert area’s and Colorado? It was so unexpected in my dream. All communications were cut off across the US and people were running and hiding. No electricity, no food for long. We were in the Phoenix area when it happened and was trying to go home up north in Payson. The Gov’t then sent drones and little blue balls that flew, odd looking metal blue balls that had little guns attached, like strange heavy flying balls.. They had the ability to shoot people. I am not sure why they were hunting us. I had to hide for a long time as the war raged outside. I have never seen such things in real life. I remember the phones went all dead just as the missiles were coming out of the grounds and I was trying to call and warn people and call home and could not. The ground shook like earthquakes and the air was filled with smoke & it smelled horrible. It was in the summer too. I was looking out windows and military people were going house to house. I just hid and was so determined to go home. I knew we would be safe if we could only get home. We had food and a a secured place for a lot of people at home. We had prepared for a long time in my dream and it was worth it I thought. We would be prepared and most people were not in any way. They were starving and so dirty and weak from running and hiding all the time. People came out at night, to travel, as it was the safest time to go without the little blue Military Balls getting them. They were like patrols to control people, if they caught people walking or outside the little automatic guns came out of the Balls and shot people dead. Horrible. Hard to hear and see, they were very fast and could even hoover like they were looking for moving targets.

I had a backpack and I knew I had to walk home. I knew how to get there, but it took a long time to walk as I had to walk at night and hide during the day. I heard radios people were carrying talking about a world war and people that were walking at night talked about it being with Russia. I knew I was going to get home, but many people all over were dead or dying from drone attacks and rioting creeps. I had a gun in my backpack and food. I knew we were at war and certain areas were completely destroyed.

The weather was altered and the sky was reddish and cloudy from the war. It was much colder in the summer, yet tolerable in Az. I could see like a map and it was burning all over the US. The East coast was decimated as was most of Calif. No people were running in those area’s as I had guessed they were dead or caught. The West and Mid-West was better off, though it was a mad scene of people running to try and get to Mexico. The North was very cold and smoke was everywhere. Like frozen cold in the far north, not warm like summer should be in those area’s. Canada had not lights, nothing but smoke could be seen. It was very cold there and it looked desolate.

The most startling thing was it was so UNEXPECTED. One day normal the next day total chaos.  It was the Russians in my dream. It was so horrible. They were all over the US, like they came out of hiding. People were fighting them in many places. Some places out West were quite safe compared to the East and West Coasts. They were decimated. No Gov’t was in place, I could see no help except those who were prepared and fighting in area’s all over.

I hope this does not happen. 2 times I saw missiles, once red & white out of the ocean in the Gulf in 2006 now blue and white coming out of the US soil all over America heading up and out of the US.. It was so scary, no one knew it was coming, a surprise attack from within as well as the Oceans caught the US people off guard.

We are in trouble and provoking the Bear to attack.

Mar 23, 2014


Tribulation Dream: The Angel of the Lord Over the Statue of Liberty


I know this is not a post on prepping or survival. Please take time to listen to the video, and read the transcript of the dream below.

Tribulation Dream: The Angel of the Lord Over the Statue of Liberty

Tribulation Dream:
The Angel of the Lord Over the Statue of Liberty
This week I had a dream. It was a terribly frightening dream. In it, I saw a huge angel standing suspended in the air over New York harbor. It looked so large that it covered the night sky. His body was clad in golden armor as if he was going to war. His face and entire being were so bright that I could not gaze up at him for long. White beams of light seemed to radiate outward from him in all directions. He was standing over the Statue of Liberty. It was night, but I could hardly see the lights around him coming from New York City as he blazed so brightly with divine light.

He reached for his belt that was covered with a red sash around his mid section, and drew out his sword. It was so massive! It blazed with light and fire all around it. It looked at least 100 feet long! I have never felt such fear when I saw an angel before. I just knew this mighty warring spirit had authority from the very throne of God. He had a grim expression as he held this mighty sword over his head with both hands. I could see that he was poised to hit the Statue of Liberty and cleave it in two! I trembled and tried to hide, but the angel was looking directly at me, and I knew there was nowhere to go that he would not see me.

Then he spoke! His voice was like thunder and echoed throughout the whole harbor. He said,

“How long will you refuse to humble yourself, O America! You have been weighed in the balances of God and found wanting. Your beginning was great and noble, but your end shall be disgrace and destruction!

Thus saith the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, the LORD of Hosts,

‘Time is running out. The bowls of My wrath are full of My fury and judgment. They shall be poured out upon you. You shall drink them down…to the dregs…every drop! I have come to you day and night pleading with you to return to Me for over one hundred years. I am merciful and long suffering. It brings Me no joy to judge you. But, you have hardened your hearts, scoffed at My warnings through My prophets, and my holy servants. I brought you from nothing and exalted you, O America, higher than any other nation! But now you have fallen lower than Sodom. You have sinned greater than Egypt. You have become prouder than Babylon and Persia. You have become more selfish than Rome. You have exalted yourself in your own wisdom higher than Greece. You have more idols and high places of idolatry and luxury than any Gentile kingdom in history. Your beginning was pure and great, but now the stench of your sin and filth fills My nostrils! I shall cut you in pieces and you shall reap the harvests of wrath from what you have sown! You shall no longer be the Queen of nations. Now you shall bear your shame and become the lowest of the heathen nations! Now, as Agag, you shall be hacked in pieces! O EARTH, EARTH, EARTH, HEAR YE THE WORD OF THE LORD!”

Then, to my horror, that massive sword came smashing down on Lady Liberty. When it hit the top of her head, there was a blinding flash of light and that sword split her in two – right down the middle! Then the sword came again and again against her. It divided her in pieces. As the sword would finish each strike, fires would burst forth. I heard terrible explosions. The vision of the Statue ended with an earthquake as it was hacked into pieces and sunk into the harbor.

I was weeping and crying out to God for mercy. Never had I seen this side of God before. I had only really known the love and goodness of Him, never had I seen the Wrath of the Almighty!

Then, as if I was watching from a zoomed-in close up…the dream shifted and I started to zoom outward from New York harbor and started traveling in the air over America. What I saw was horror beyond anything I have ever seen! I saw the United States seem to crack in two with a giant earthquake – right down the middle! I saw the Southeastern United States covered with a giant wave of water from the ocean. I saw a massive earthquake that just seemed to crack off the coast of California. It reminded me of a Saltine cracker that just cracked in two! The great cities along the West coast just fell into the ocean, all the way from Mexico up to Alaska and giant waves flooded inland until much of the West Coast just wasn’t there! It had disappeared into the Pacific Ocean.

Then I saw three giant rocket missiles that took off into the air. Two came from out of the ocean waters, and one came from land and traveled a great distance. All of them blew up in the air one, two, and THREE in the upper atmosphere within five minutes of each other. It was out near space. They were terrible nuclear bombs. But the last one was the biggest and it created a huge mushroom cloud over the Midwest part of America. Then the ground shook and everything just went black. There wasn’t any electric light coming out of any homes. Then candles began to be lit and fires, and a little light was seen. There were other nuclear explosions, and many people perished throughout the nation. There was just twisted metal and charred debris in cities that once were tall and majestic.

There was widespread looting and gangs roaming about everywhere with guns, stealing whatever food and supplies they could find. Then I saw what looked like elite riot police by the thousands go into communities and even cities, force the people out of their homes, and brought into what looked like concentration camps. Some, but not all of these “police armies” had light blue helmets on. Hundreds of thousands of people were arrested in this way. Many would not “cooperate” and were just shot and left dead in their homes.

But, there were millions of hidden groups that escaped the first wave of these terrible disasters. Revival broke out, and great evangelists and prophets and apostles rose up and began to preach to thousands out doors, and many were saved and were born again. Miracles of provision, multiplication of food and water, and astonishing healings occurred. Millions of people cried out to God and he heard and answered.

I knew that this was not just happening in America, but the Great Tribulation was upon them, and all over the world these calamities were also taking place.

I saw multitudes of Tribulation saints refusing to renounce Jesus as LORD. They were starving, many of them, but still refused to take the stamp on their bodies so they could eat and live. There was what looked like kiosks that were in every little town. They advertised food and water, only if you went inside them and took the electronic mark. Some went in, bowed down to a holographic movie images of the Antichrist and were branded in their hands and foreheads with a electronic tattoo-like stamp. When they came out, if they came out, they had a zombie-like look. Their minds and souls were gone. It looked like they had a spiritual lobotomy. Then these immediately joined the armies of those police units, and were given weapons after they were fed and drank and rested in the kiosk. They were like robots doing the Antichrist’s bidding. I knew that they were lost forever. But, quite a few did not make it out. They were tortured mentally and physically inside the kiosk thing, but, if they still refused the mark of the beast, there was a laser that shot through their brain and heart, and sliced their heads off. Then they were immediately incinerated. Nothing but ashes remained. This was the most horrifying of all. It made the Nazi death camps look like a picnic, it that is possible. Millions of people were executed in this way via computer systems automatically with such precision and efficiency that I marveled that something like this was even possible and could take place on such a large scale. The technology was more advanced than I had ever seen.

Then, I was back looking at that terrible angel of the LORD, and he said,

“Warn everyone! Flee from the wrath to come. Repent and turn to Jesus while you still can. Pray that you may escape these things that are shortly to happen, and to stand in the Presence of the LORD. These things are about to take place! Turn to God and cry out for mercy. Come into the ark of Salvation before the doors of grace close and it is too late!”


Maurice Sklar

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Top 5 Pinterest Pinners For Foraging


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top 5 pinterest pinners for foraging

Pinterest is a social media site were you can pin things your interested in hence the name.  One of my interests happens to be foraging also known as wildcrafting, or wild edible plants.  I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the pinners, who like me are also interested in this.  This post is loosely based on post on top preppers on pinterest.

This is just a short list by no means is this the best or only pinners to follow on the topic.  Note of caution never consume a plant that you are not 100% sure of its identification.  And consider getting a few field guides on the topic to help you.  You can check out Rules of Foraging


Top 5 Pinners To Follow For Foraging


Of course I would be negligent not to include myself in this list.  Although its not the main focus of my pinterest it is a large chuck of it.


foraged foodieForaged Foodie

The Foraged Foodie blog is just a place for me to share my experiences as a forager, and some of the tasty treats I have come up with using wild foods.


widcraft vitaWildcraft Vita

English wild plant lover in Italy. Join me learning about and creating with some of them at wildcraftvita


leafLeaf (Wild Plant Forager) Herbalist and wild edibles expert, mom of two, passionate about wild superfoods, rewilding, foraging, self sufficiency and storytelling.







That is it hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

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After SHTF The New Normal



After SHTF The New Normal

Well It Finally Happened. The SHTF and everything has changed forever. Gone are the lazy days and care free life style. Welcome to the new normal. The every day American will in no way be prepared for this. So after the stores are looted dry they will target you and your preps. If your plan is bugging in good luck. If the neighbors don’t come a knocking at your door you can count on FEMA and or Foreign Troops to pay you a visit. Bugging out hope you practiced. Keep in mind you won’t be the only one buggin it to the woods. So not only will you have the animals to be concerned with but you will be competing for the same water and wild food. So going it alone will prove to be deadly mistake. Plus just like in the novel The Hunger Games your camp fire will give away your position and possibly get you killed by some one that’s in your same general area. Even if you manage to over come those challenges you will have predator drones and satellites looking for people. So in conclusion your most important prep is not how much stuff you have or wilderness knowledge you have. Its having a personal relationship with Jesus. Prayer will be your most important when SHTF. If your not always prepared to meet your maker Jesus your never prepared. – Prepare4Survival

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Edible Plants Boy Scouts of America 1969


                                                                 Edible Plants Boy Scouts of America 1969


Edible plants boy scouts of america 1969