About Me

We all have our own story of how we started prepping. This is my story.

I was raised with gardening, guns, camping, and a biblical upbringing that we are living in the end times.  Never though much of it this was normal.  Moved out got away from it backslided from faith and family upbringing.  Around 2008 when the market crash.  Started listening to to news regularly not main stream but infowars.com. It was from there got me thinking about all the things I knew growing up and the need to prep not just psychically but spiritually too.  I was working on the road at the time and living out of my car and hotels.  So I started my kit mentality around it has to fit in the trunk of my car.  I started watching youtube for ideas and inspiration for my B.O.B. . Soon I discovered these dvd videos The Woodsmaster by Ron Hood @ survival.com.  I started watching every day and taking notes.  Ron Hood is the one who really got me into learning survival & bushcraft skills.  Not long after my wife keep going on about how great this pinterest thing was and for the longest time like most men thought it was nothing they would ever do until out of curiosity  I searched around to discover that its a one stop shop for survival blogs and news. After about a year on pinterest I decided I would try my hand at blogging.  I’m not very good at it.  But I try anyway.  In no way am I as prepared or knowledgeable as others out there.  To be perfectly honest my own wife and kids think I’m nuts for the things I do and preparations made.  Any time I talk about such things in front of her or the kids.  She threatens to kick me out and get divorced.  So This blog and pinterest is my only way to vent such things.  This is my story its not a happy one but its mine.

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Amanda Sharp said:

    Hey Jonathan, thats a pretty interesting story you have! Im sorry the things turned out the way they did with your family. It hurts me to see families torn apart. The sad thing is its sad to see your own child say Brian go stay with Uncle Doug I dont want you here. Its the truth though! He doesnt really want him here. Brian barely sees the kids much less spends time with them. He stays on his phone, his back, after 35-43 hr work weeks and expects to get served what he wants night and day. I understand he was abused in every way but he doesnt even remember most of it but wants to live in victim mode all the time. Praying for you Brother! Maybe Jesus will rescue us all from the pains we deal with from abandonment, abuse, rejection, and neglect.


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