I’ve been unable to figure out how to embed youtube videos to page so this is the url Hagmann and Hagmann – Sept 22 2014 – Nathan Leal.  The whole show is great but the part I am focusing on starts at 2:00:51.  Nathan Leal breaks down Leviticus 26 as a warning of coming judgement.  He does a better job of explaining then I ever would.  So if you grab your Bible and a notebook for taking notes, play the video at the 2:00:51 mark. 

1. Terrorism (Lev 26:16)
2. Obama (Lev 26:17)
3. Drought (Lev 26:20)
4. Martial Law (Lev 26:22)
5. Invasion of Foreign Troops (Lev 26:25)
6. Plague (Lev 26:25)
7. Famine (Lev 26:26)
8. Cannibalism (Lev 26:29)
9. Constant Fear (Lev 26:36)

The problems America is going through can not be fixed by elections.  We as a nation need to repent and with out revival things will only get worse.  Your most important prepping you can do is prayer and repentance.  The question is not do you know Jesus? The question you need to ask is does Jesus know you?  IE Just because you know who the president is doesn’t mean you will get to go into the White House.  But if the president knows you then you’ll have no problem getting pass the secret service.  All that said to say this, make Jesus your number one priority.

If you want to hear more of Nathan Leal click link below
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