Improvise (Imagination) Think Outside the Box

The US Army has an acronym S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L.

S- Size up the situation
U- Use all your senses
R- Remember where you are
V- Vanquish fear and panic
I- Improvise
V-Value living
A- Act like the natives
L- Live by your wits, but for now learn basic skills

The letter I from the acronym above is the topic of this post.

In a true survival situation everything becomes a resource.  Like the old saying goes “One persons trash is another person treasure” Your ability to re-purpose, reuse, improvise and use your imagination will play a major factor in your outcome.  Having gear is great but once the intended purpose of it is compromised its improvising with that gear that can save you.  Having the knowledge to improvise and make all the tools you need from the wild, known as primitive survival should never take back seat to modern gear mentality.  For the prepper on a budget improvising gear and tools may be your only option.  In survival its not the most expensive gear or the best looking, its what ever you got on hand and the ability to use it.  You have to get into a “MacGyver” mindset.

It is the writers opinion that everyone should learn bushcraft skills and practice regularly.  Knowing is half the battle.


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