After SHTF The New Normal

Well It Finally Happened. The SHTF and everything has changed forever. Gone are the lazy days and care free life style. Welcome to the new normal. The every day American will in no way be prepared for this. So after the stores are looted dry they will target you and your preps. If your plan is bugging in good luck. If the neighbors don’t come a knocking at your door you can count on FEMA and or Foreign Troops to pay you a visit. Bugging out hope you practiced. Keep in mind you won’t be the only one buggin it to the woods. So not only will you have the animals to be concerned with but you will be competing for the same water and wild food. So going it alone will prove to be deadly mistake. Plus just like in the novel The Hunger Games your camp fire will give away your position and possibly get you killed by some one that’s in your same general area. Even if you manage to over come those challenges you will have predator drones and satellites looking for people. So in conclusion your most important prep is not how much stuff you have or wilderness knowledge you have. Its having a personal relationship with Jesus. Prayer will be your most important when SHTF. If your not always prepared to meet your maker Jesus your never prepared. – Prepare4Survival

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