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The Way Back is a 2010 Drama film about a group of prisoners who escape from a Siberian Gulag camp during World War II.  Travel 4000+ miles by foot from Siberia, Russia to Mongolia, then to China, Tibet, and Finally to India.  Inspired by The Long Walk (1955), a book by Sławomir Rawicz, a Polish POW in the Soviet Gulag Image

 For those that have Netflix it is currently available to watch.  I highly recommend this movie to anyone who have survival interests or enjoys history.  This is one of my all time favorite movies below is the key things i picked out as survival tips.


01. Kindness is a weakness it can kill you.  In a SHTF Bug Out Survival scenario people will take advantage and it will get you killed.

02. You can eat the inner bark of Pine.  Got to eat something

03. Get rid of lice from clothing by bury it in snow.  Home Remedy

04. Carry as much food as you can, and a metal container to carry and boil water.

05. Build a primitive debris shelter.  Get out of the weather, wind break.

06. You can’t go alone.  You need others to help you on your way, but careful who you pick.

07. You need a knife in the woods.

08. Make mask from birch bark to shield your face from snow storm.

09. Navigation using moss on trees

10. Navigation using walking stick and pine cones

11. Matches don’t last forever, carry flint

12. Make a fish hook from barbwire.

13. Vitamin deficiency can cause night blindness.

14. Yes you can freeze to death in a snow storm. Don’t sit the night with out a fire.

15. Grubs are edible.

16. Forage birds eggs from the nests.

17. Carry a charcoal pencil draw on birch bark. Keep notes

18. Carry a walking stick fend off predators such as coyotes

19. Take shelter from rain under a large rock over hang

20. Heat stones by fire to keep you warm

21. Look behind you when waking to see if your being followed.

22. Make soap with wood ash and animal fat.

23. You can make a pack from elk skin and bone.

24. Learn to swim

25. Carve a spoon from wood

26. Learn how to repel mosquitoes using herbs

27. When in extreme heat suck on a water soaked rag to fight off thirst.

28. Use an extra shirt for a head dress to give you some shade from the sun.

29. When in the desert if you see birds there is water near by.

30. Sun dry fish to eat latter

31. Suck on small stones to make you feel less thirsty.

32. Make an umbrella to shade your self from sun using a pole smaller sticks and a shirt.

33. Take care of your feet. Blister hurt

34. Follow the animals they know where the water is.

35. Don’t have a knife fashion one from bone

36. Snake taste like chicken.

37. Use your blanket as an extra coat when its cold

I hope you enjoy this list and watch the movie if you get a chance.