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My 100 Foot Paracord EDC

Paracord survival bracelets are cool but some just don’t give you the length you might require in that survival situation. So I came up with this clever idea to carry a full 100 feet of paracord. Here is how I did it.

Step one: find the middle or half way point of desired paracord. Once you find the middle you will do this once more. Now you have basically folded it over twice.
Step two: Is similar to how some people wrap extension cords only you are removing the space in the loops and pulling them tight. If you don’t know this technic search youtube.
Step three: once you have done this and reach the end go back over its self and do once more
Step four: leave a little tag on the end when you have it to the desired length. That is we’re you clip on the small $1.00 carabiner.
Step five: clip on to belt loop on pants and flip it inward and down the pants leg. Make sure the length is not so long that it reaches your knee or this will become a problem.

I’ve been wearing this in my EDC for many months now and you forget it’s even there. Any never feel it.

I like it cause you can carry paracord a lot of it and as for the bracelets I prefer mine to fit around my ankle instead on my wrist so it’s not so obvious to people.