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Pinterest is for Preparedness.  So lets look in see. In Pinterest search engine under pins if you search general preparedness terms your likely to see the same names over and over.  MomwithaPrep & Ed Todd.  If you do a search under boards for general preparedness terms you won’t see theses popular pinners names cause there is too much to preparedness that you can’t be putting it all into one board. That’s when you have to be more specific in your searching.  So If your looking for a good board to follow here are few tips on things to look for are number of pins, number of followers and when the last pin was posted.  If the last post is a few months or more old this person may have stopped pinning or rarely pins so following this board may yield little to no posts in your news feed.  Now if your looking to follow someone based on there alias this is a little easier but the same tips from board searching apply. 

If you want more followers there are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.  To get more followers like, pin, and repin often and post original content.  Another is start a group board and invite your friends. 

The more repins a pin has the closer to the top of search results it will become.

Now if your a geek like me I like to google myself to see what there is out there on me.  You can do the same in Pinterest to see were you rank in searches.  If you do a boards search for “Cordage” your guaranteed to find my boards on the topic.

I’m not going list people to follow.  There are too many and don’t wont to offend by forgetting someone.  If you so wish just look though the list of who I follow here http://www.pinterest.com/j0theib/following/  

If you know someone worth following let me know.

We learn from each other so lets get a pinning.

I hope this little article helps any new to Pinterest or people that been around awhile.

This is my rant for the day.