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You maybe wondering what reliance this has to preparing and survival. Just read.

Today I’m checking my youtube and what do I see DAHBOO77 has discovered a bit on news that is more serious then you may realize. Geniuses decided to mine salt UNDER Lake Erie. Ok so what there was a geological shift and as a precaution they stopped mining.

There have been several dreams and visions of America covered in water from the lakes to the gulf. All it will take is a big enough earthquake and Lake Erie will drain like a bathtub will the plug pulled. I’m going to link and paste the prophetic dreams of this below.



Dear Steve,

While in worship tonight into the wee hours of the morning the Lord gave me
a vision. it was given at 1:30 am eastern time on the 30th of May.

In the vision I was running through thick vegetation and then stopped
abrubtly at the edge of a very high cliff. I believe I was in the Smokey
Mountains somewhere in the Alabama, Tenn. area. As I looked over the cliff
my eyes zoomed in and the day turned to night for a moment. Then I saw 2
very bright flashes of light in rapid succession, almost like when
lightening flashes, or like when a nuke goes off. It was located near the
SE corner of Montana (which seemed odd to me, since every map I’ve seen of
the New Madrid never reached that far) where it meets Wyoming and S.
Dekota. My eyes then turned East and I saw the same 2 rapid flashes of
light only they seemed to be coming from the sky down into Lake Michigan
near Chicago. Instantly the earth, seemingly the whole nation began to
shake violently. It was like no other earthquake that has ever been.

Suddenly the Great Lakes all flowed south with incredible force straight
down to the Gulf. At the same time the waters of the gulf came rushing up
onto what used to be land, reversing the flow of the water coming in the
opposite direction creating a great inland sea. The U.S. was completely
split in half. Illinois an Michigan were no more as well as pieces of
Ketucky and Tenn.. Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri were also
completely covered with water, and a sliver of Wyoming, S. Dekota, Colorado
and Texas. Iowa was also almost completely gone.

I couldn’t help but wonder what could have caused those flashes of light.
Where they HAARP, or something else planned?

As I stood there with many tears, actually hearing the screams of the
people being consumed by this disaster………………
The Father reminded me that even in His judgement there is mercy,and that
now was the time to repent.

Steve, I have seen many predictions and maps of what the New Marid may look
like when it happens, but this was unimaginable. I felt also in the vision
this was not far away, much closer than anyone could imagine.

Please grant a spirit of repentance to fall on this nation dear Father,and
have mercy on those who are already yours. In Jesus Name.

God Bless you Steve, and never stop warning the people, because the
darkness is closing in fast.


May 30, 2013

I saw water like a large body of water, very calm rippling across as far as I could see, then a flash back to the piles of stuff and bodies,


A friend of mine who is an intercessor received and sent me the following dreams:

7/4/13 Two nights in a row I had a dream. The 1st night it was short, confussion and piles upon piles of bodies, just stacked high kinda twisted up. I could not get anything from it other than I was confused also because I did not see what caused it, just pictures of piles of dead bodies.

7/5/2013 I prayed all the next day for some understanding of the pictures I had saw, and then that night I saw piles of stuff, like junk yards all over the place, but above every pile was flickering arrows, white —–> —–> above and pointing into the piles. Now that is weirder than the 1st.

7/8/2013 Last night as I was laying there, I ask The Lord to reveal to me what all of this means, I don’t have a clear answer and may never know it all, but one thing is for sure, in my vision last night, I saw water like a large body of water, very calm rippling across as far as I could see, then a flash back to the piles of stuff and bodies, then it was very clear that these piles could have only gotten this way by rushing water, the way they were piled and twisted up was just like a scene I had seen on TV a couple of years ago after a big flood or tsunami. It woke me up, not with fear but with feelings of urgency towards those who will not listen, and how close it feels to some hugh devastating event here in the US. I will contine to pray and ask for more. But even as I type this I feel something is very wrong, I can’t explain what it is, but something Big is about to happen.

Jul 13, 2013

Now this last one is a email sent to Steve regarding what is going to happen VERY soon.


8/22/13-Russian’s would soon be taking over America, bursting into people’s homes and killing them

Two days ago a neighbor girl came over to our home. We have known this girl
since she was an infant. She is currently about 19 years old or 20. She is
not a Christian, and has been living a partying/drugs/alcohol etc.
lifestyle. NEVER would have expected the info she shared. Here is what she
said, two days ago, and completely out of the normal conversation we have
ever had with her. She stated that she had been communicating with a
Russian soldier in Siberia through some type of social site. This Russian
soldier told her that the Russians would soon be taking over America,
bursting into people’s homes and killing them. That any one making
statements against the government and/or Obama would be thrown in jail.
That our police were being militarized. And that very soon America’s
government would begin to bomb its own citizens. He said if she wanted to
survive she should get out of the city and be above an elevation of 1500
feet. I asked her if he gave any type of a date or timeline. She said He
said by December 15th we would not recognize America.

This girl is not political, not educated, not involved in keeping up with
news/politics. This is the most unlikely person on the planet of the Earth
that I ever would have thought to hear this from. God used THE MOST
unlikely source to confirm to my family of all that we have been hearing
from you and others.

What is the being safer above 1500 feet about? and have you heard the date
of December 15th?

Thank You so much for all you do.

Aug 22, 2013

Notice the mention of being safer above 1500 feet.
That’s because everything in the Midwest Mississippi valley delta will be under water.

Pray for discernment and get you psychical and spiritual preps in order. Its going to hit the fan very soon. And If you live in the states Ohio to Mississippi and everything between you might want to consider moving.

Not if but when this happens you need to be prepared. If you can move if you can’t learn to swim and get a boat. The choice is up to you.