The question that has come to discussion and debate by most survivalist, preppers and all that are awake.  What will be the defining moment that you will know without a doubt it is time to Bug out or what is commonly called I.N.C.H. (I’m Never Coming Home).  Please take a few moments to listen to an in-depth interview of Writer Susanne Posel about the government’s plans for martial law in the United States. Susanne shares her insights about the preparatory measures the DHS and military are taking, and why: “They know the collapse is coming,” says Susanne. “So they are preparing for it.” Susanne also shares shocking information about a computer banking virus that may be used as the excuse to shut down banks internationally. “If you hear about this in the news, you have 72 hours to do whatever you plan to do before the collapse.”

In Part 2, Susanne concludes that the plans for the global elite include nothing less than the theft of every asset you own, and the global extermination of at least 90% of the population. A satanic group of psychopaths is in control, and we must defeat them before they defeat humanity. This is a 2-part MUST HEAR interview with one of the best new media writers and researchers on the scene today. 

To see more and watch the videos go to http://sgtreport.com/2012/08/false-flag-computer-banking-virus-to-roll-out-martial-law-this-global-cabal-wants-to-steal-everything-and-kill-90-of-us-susanne-posel/